Neon Warehouse works with some of the world’s best artists and designers to elevate your home or office to the next level.


Everyone deserves cool and vibrant neon in their home. Neon installations are striking and inspiring, they help create a unique and beautiful atmosphere throughout your home. Our neon art is all handmade by experienced craftsmen.


We have an extensive range of premium designs to help create the perfect look for your home, work or office. Our range of premium signs are beautiful and artistic, and also perfect in making the statement you desire. All our premium designs are handmade here in the UK.

Neon Light Box -  SHOP NOW

Neon Light Box - SHOP NOW


When it comes to neon, we can do it all and create custom pieces just for you. Whether that be at home or for commercial use, we'd be more than happy to help and work with you in fulfilling all your requirements. Click here for more.

Cool, trendy and vintage 


Our aim is to offer beautiful and trendy products for our customers to enjoy in their homes and offices. We are passionate about neon, and we want that to be seen through our products and designs. Each piece is assessed and analysed strictly for its design capabilities and also its overall quality. We pay great attention in selecting the perfect designs that fuse new trends with vintage neon characteristics.